Credit for residual debt relief


Today, more and more people are in the situation that the cost of life or even self-employment fails and thus means the financial end to those affected.

It is not always the people themselves to blame, because often open claims of the entrepreneur are not paid, which then automatically means that one is no longer solvent. If a personal bankruptcy can no longer be avoided, then the person concerned is often in response to a request for a loan for a debt waiver off the banks and loans are not approved.

The past can not be hidden

The past can not be hidden

Since the former debtor is now debt free through the bankruptcy after 6 years, that does not mean that he is thus creditworthy for the banks. For even 3 years after the credit bureau entry of the residual debt exemption is not the way to obtain a loan after this discharge of residual debt. And without a clean credit bureau entry is thus the chance zero to get a loan approved, as the banks still rate the payment reliability as very doubtful and thus assume that the person concerned in the future, the credit after the remainder of the debt again not punctual be or can serve.

Credit without credit bureau information – the only option

Credit without credit bureau information - the only option

Thus, for the person concerned usually only the way is left to obtain a loan after the debt relief without credit bureau, unless guarantors or value or luxury goods can be deposited as collateral, which is actually unlikely. Although the interest rates are usually higher than in the normal banking sector, there is no other chance or possibility left to those affected. Although not necessarily the best way, but really the only way.

An advantage of this, however, results for the person concerned from the receipt of such a loan without credit bureau information. There is also no further entry into the credit bureau and thus the data of the person affected by the taking of the credit excluded from it and the way to a more solvent future is thus leveled and the creditworthiness of the person concerned is increased again. In addition, the Bank must not be explained to embarrassing and the bad time of insolvency is present again.

Nevertheless, when concluding such a credit decision without credit bureau, you should inform yourself exactly about the conditions regarding the effective interest rates and the term. Again, there are differences and money no one has to give away.

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