Reduce your debts with a cheap debt consolidation loan

If we are burdened by more than one loan or credit, paying them off separately may be unprofitable. Each of the obligations is charged with high fees. And what if you combine them into one installment, and at an attractive interest rate? A consolidation loan gives us that opportunity.

A consolidation loan

debt loan

The consolidation loan enables us to combine all existing liabilities into one. Regardless of whether it is a cash loan, installment loan or cash loan – we can combine them under a consolidation loan.


Debt consolidation means we no longer have to worry about the repayment dates of each of the obligations. Thanks to this solution, all liabilities will be combined into one, and we will be able to forget about the high interest rates so far.


It is worth betting on an attractive interest rate offer – thanks to this, interest on our commitments will be much lower on a monthly basis, and thus more money will be left for everyday expenses.


Debt consolidation in AKiloan bank

Debt consolidation in AKiloan bank

Bank AKiloan comes out to us with an attractive offer to combine existing liabilities into one. The bank offers us a solution in the form of a Mini Installment – a consolidation loan.


Thanks to the combination of loans and credit charges that charge us, we can count on an extremely attractive monthly interest rate, convenient repayment of one installment, flexibly tailored to our needs, and a number of additional benefits.


Mini Consolidation Installment – offer parameters

Installment loan

A consolidation loan at AKiloan is an extremely attractive offer. Why? The interest rate is extremely low and the commission is 0%. The loan amount is high, so it will cover even high debt and repayment time is long and flexible, so that everyone can adjust the installment amount to their financial capabilities.


Here are the details of the offer:


Loan amount 1000 – 120,000 USD

Repayment Time from 1 to 120 months

Interest 6.99%

Commission 0%

The repayment is carried out in equal installments, and the repayment day is made independently.


Learn more about the Mini Consolidation Installment.


Mini Consolidation Installment – additional benefits

Mini Consolidation Installment - additional benefits

As part of the Mini consolidation installment, AKiloan offers us a number of additional benefits.


We have the opportunity to receive additional funds – up to 25% of the consolidated amount for any expenses.


In addition, AKiloan offers its borrowers a convenient credit vacation. Customers have the option of suspending the repayment of the consolidation loan for up to 3 months or a 3-month postponement.


We can take the Mini Installment in a package with favorable insurance that protects us from events that make it difficult or impossible to pay off debts. This type of insurance is comfort for our loved ones.


Large Family Cardholders can count on even more favorable conditions for the Mini Consolidation Installment.


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